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Custom integrations

Personalised automation


Want to get more out of the software you're using?

It's amazing how many different software solutions are out there.

Are you happy with the software packages you are using, but are there still some manual steps in between?

We have a proven track record of helping companies with their software solutions.

By focusing for 100% on only integrations, we are more efficient in it then other companies.
We have our own software stack that we can use and put at your disposal to help solving your problems.

Software is eating the world

Yes it is.


In the world of today there is an abundance of very good software. They all have their strengths..and weaknessess.

We, at Hitch and Hike, create virtual assistants that help you overcome the weaknessess, so you can use "the best of both worlds".

Talk to us, you will be suprised by the ease and how low cost we can provide solutions.

Why? Making software talk is our core business. We offer you flexibility and nice dashboards to follow up what our virtual assistant is doing for you.


Custom integrations
Specfic needs? Talk with us, we are glad to help you out!
Voor je oplossing op maat doen we een kosten-baten analyse, en werken we samen met jou een gedetaileerd plan uit, met een prijs op maat.
De tarieven waarvan hier sprake zijn dan niet van toepassing.


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