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Connecting software

We do the hitching, you do the hiking


Improving your efficiency

We remove the last manual steps in your business line, to save time for what matters most.

Are your software solutions not working together properly?
Let us automate your flows.
With your end goal in mind, improve profitability and free your time.

Last integrations

Integrate your online webshop with your invoicing system
Enrich your CRM

Custom Integrations

You want to take away repetitive tasks? Build in more automation? Remove duplicate work?

We make your software communicate to each other.

Our Hitch And Hike platform can enrich the communication and give you some powerful extra insights

Smart Dashboards

Easily customisable, trackable, and changeable at all time.

Off the shelf

We offer simple and ready-made integrations, that can improve your productivity in no-time.

They are only one click away. Check them out, and try them for free.

Why with us?


Integrating software needs a specific focus. Apart from the technical expertise, it is also crucial for a client to have a clear view of what our assistant is doing for you. Via our platform, you have maximum insight and full control. Security, data protection and robustness are always top of mind.

You want to integrate a SaaS product with your custom software? As specialised engineers in integrating API's, we can efficiently solve your specific problems.

Looking for something specific?

Contact us, to check if we can match

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